Are you overweight and want to lose weight? Are you a sportsman who wants to control his daily intake and exercise? Do you need to balance your diet because of health issues or just to feel better? FanKal will help you achieve all your goals by providing food nutrition information, calculators, and a diary for recording and tracking your weight, daily intake and calorie consumption.
Weight charts Weight charts
Nutritional Comparison Charts Nutritional Comparison Charts
Consumption vs Intake Graphics Consumption vs Intake Graphics

Nutritional Calculator

Enjoy the FanKal's online nutritional calculator from anywhere and through any device, either mobile or desktop, thanks to its full functionality using your favorite browser.

Prepare your dishes

Prepare your dishes adding to your nutrition calculator all the ingredients and save them so you can access them from your online food nutrition diary .

Nutritional diary

Record in the diary your food intake and your caloric consumption thanks to FanKal calculators and review the daily graphs in the control panel.

FanKal offers you

You can access from any device
With food nutrition information, brands and restaurants
Your favorite brands and restaurants
Make and save your dishes or recipes, there is no limit!
Real-time graphics
Nutritional diary for monitoring weight, intake and calorie consumption
And best of all, it's FREE!!!